PP Woven Weed Control Fabrics


  • Weed Control Fabric, also known as Landscape fabric, restrains weed growth from the unwanted areas without using unhealthy pesticides or any other chemicals.
  •  Weed control matting blocks UV rays, though the air and water reach the soil to nourish the plants and give effective growth. 
  •  Due to polypropylene fabric’s innovative design, it promotes air to the soil and holds humidity on dry days, and prevents soil from being carried away during heavy rainfall.
  •  Weed control sheet has been proved the best weed barrier for garden and has taken cultivation to next level. 
  • it is very flexible, light in weight, and easy to cut and adjust anywhere you want. 
  • it will last for many years so there is no need to buy a weed control mat every season you can reuse it very easily. 
  •  Can be used in :

             Open agricultural farms 

             Home garden