PP Woven Needle Punch Fabrics


Premium, landscape quality, black (125 gsm – 170 gsm) (3.7 oz/yd² to 5.0 oz/yd²) woven needle-punched fabric is 30 mils thick and manufactured from UV-resistant polypropylene tapes and needled with PP fibers to give a carpet like effect. They are made from 100% woven polypropylene then needle punched to aid in permeability and capillary action.

Also known as Cap Fabric or Weed Barrier Fabric lets air and water to the roots. Weed barrier fabrics are environmentally friendly, long-lasting and effective. Weed barrier is used to prevent weeds from coming back while allowing the soil to breathe.

We supply high quality fabrics designed for professional and commercial use. Weed barriers supplied by us are permeable, conserve soil moisture, increase growth and prevent unwanted weeds from germinating. Colored stripes located 12 inches apart make for easy plant alignment.