PP Woven Geotextiles


  • Geotextile fabric is an absorptive fabric to control soil erosion and maintain soil stability. 
  • Our fabric has the ability to detach,strengthen,refine,protect and drain when come in connection with the soil. 
  • our fabric are made using the technique similar to weave usual clothing textiles. 
  • Geotextile fabric woven fabric appears in two sets of parallel threads or yarn. The yarn running along the length is called a warp and the vertical one is called weft. 
  • To improve soil over which roads, barriers, pipelines and earth retaining structure are built there our geotextile drainage fabric can be used.
  • It  is used to give benefits to your road or concrete driveway by minimizing cracking and prolonging life.

 Functions of Triton’s geotextile fabric for french drain:

  • Separation: This fabric will divide diverse materials so that the essential quality of soil is obtained. 
  • Filtration : Will allow water to move in both directions and stop fine lumps to move between soil layers. 
  • Sealing: To block pollution of soil or groundwater from above pollutants and the loss of potable water due to evaporation or pollution.
  • Reinforcement: To reinforce earth structures that have very poorly graded soil allowing for abrupt barriers.
  • Erosion Control: To keep cultivation areas rich with soil and minerals in slopes and hills during heavy rainfall.