PP/PE Laminated Bags


  • Bulk bags are generally known as FIBC [Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container] is used to carry bulk materials and is inexpensive, environment friendly and reused.
  • Triton is fibc manufacturer of large woven bags used in industries like construction, agriculture, mining, animal nutrition, food processing and chemical industries.
  • Super sack bulk bags are also named as Big Bags, Jumbo Bags, One-Ton Bags, Cement Bags, Duffle Top Bags, Spout Bags and Bulk Container Bags.
  • Triton is bulk bag suppliers for varieties of bags made from virgin products and has passed all the quality checks from starting till end.
  • Our polypropylene bulk bags are used to transport goods in bulk from one place to another saving them from damage in an easy and simple way.            
  • Triton is also bulk bag manufacturers for customized bags as per customer’s requirements hence offering a wide range to select.

Advantages of Triton’s Bulk Bag ​

  • Our FIBCs are low-priced but are eco-friendly and of ensured quality.
  • FIBCs are reusable and can be recycled.
  • FIBCs are flexible and reduce the risk of stretching or tearing.
  • We give a wide variety of lifting loops options. 

Uses of Triton’s FIBCs in Industries

  • Construction – Easy to transport sand, cement, resins, gravel, etc.
  • Agriculture and food processing – To transport all types of flours and dry products.
  • Mining – Transport minerals, coal and metal ores.
  • Animal Nutrition – For transporting pet foods.
  • Chemical Industries – To transport dry, neutral chemical powders and pharmaceuticals.