Drip Irrigation


  • Triton’s agricultural drip irrigation system is a method by which water or minerals are directly delivered to the plant’s root zone insufficient amounts and equally through drippers or emitters. 
  • The drippers can be placed on ground as well as can be buried. In this irrigation system water is allowed to pass drop-by-drop at a rate lower than soil’s ability to store water.
  • The emitters disperse pressure from the distribution system by a hole,whirlwind, twisting or long flow path, allowing limited amount of water to discharge. 
  • Our agricultural drip irrigation saves lot of time as there is no unwanted growth of plant which needs to be removed as water and fertilizer is directly passed to the root with low pressure hence use of water and fertilizer is reduced. 
  • Triton’s irrigation system for farming helps you to harvest more crops by saving your water, fertilizers, and energy.