Acrylics Sheets

acrylic sheets


From cast sheets, mirrored sheets to textured sheets, we can meet any of your challenging needs. With our boutique house, you can be assured that your requests and orders will get utmost attention to ensure we offer you professional, courteous service every time.

Cast & Extruded Acrylic Shhets

When it comes to high quality acrylic sheets, Triton Quality International, LLC (TQI) takes great pride in supplying sheets with an excellent combination of performance and aesthetics for your versatile needs ranging from optical clarity (92% transmittance) to surface finish and blemish-free bulk thickness. With superb weatherability against high temperatures, high UV sunlight, rains, chemicals and winds in outdoor applications, our cast acrylic sheets will continue to perform for years to come. The applications of clear/translucent/white acrylic sheets range from displays, design, furniture, greenhouse, artwork, etc. With built-in high-molecular weight of the resin, our cast sheets are easy to work with your desired fabrication processes-drilling, cutting, engraving or even bonding. Clear acrylic sheets are significantly cheaper and lighter than traditional glass while offering high impact resistance and therefore safer, and are easy to clean and maintain. Our acrylic sheets are fully recyclable and manufactured using environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

CAST acrylic sheets are customarily offered in the following sizes:

Thickness Range: 1.8 – 50 mm (71.0 – 1968 mils)
1067 × 2030 mm
(41.3″ x 80.0″)
1220 × 1520 mm
(48.0″ x 60.0″)
1220 × 1830 mm
(48.0″ x 72.0″)
1220 × 2440 mm
(48.0″ x 96.0″)
1520 × 1830 mm
(60.0″ x 72.0″)
1520 × 2120 mm
(60.0″ x 83.5″)
1520 × 2440 mm
(60.0″ x 96.0″)

Our EXTRUDED sheets are offered in the following ranges:

Mirror Acrylic Sheets

Mirror sheets are finding increasing applications in today’s commercial and busy world with applications ranging from surveillance, security, teleprompters, photo booths to smart mirrors in retail space/supermarkets, etc. Standard mirror finish is offered in Gold, Rose Gold or Silver. Thickness ranges from 0.8 to 6.0 mm (31.5 – 236 mils), and are available in 4 ft width, and up to 8 ft in length (1220 mm x 2440 mm).