About Us

Triton Quality
International, LLC

Triton Quality International, LLC (TQI) is a professionally managed boutique company that manufactures and supplies PP ground covers, greenhouse poly covers, tarpaulins, PP/nylon ropes, and other value-added polymer products for agricultural, geotextiles, roofing and industrial purposes. We also provide high-quality cast and extruded acrylic sheets (clear, in color, mirror-finish and textured).

A key element of our business model is to work closely with our customers to understand specifications and delivery requirements and do everything humanly possible to exceed expectations. We work hard to earn your trust and valuable business – our motto “We go oceans for you” says it all.

Our Vision

To be your premium-experience supplier of polymer-based products for agricultural, geotextiles and industrial market needs.

Our Mission

To make the best product on the basis of quality, reliability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Agility, quality and providing the best overall value are our hallmarks. We will not only strive to earn your trust but to maintain it forever.

Why Do Business With Us

Why Do
Business With Us?